We are Alide intérpretes, Your native interpreting and translation services agency in Murcia

How can we help you?


Our team of native professional translators will make an accurate and precise translation of your original document.

Advice on processing procedures

We will offer you advice on the processing procedures of the most common documents for the different official bodies that, of course, will be accompanied by our high-quality sworn translations.


We will accompany you to the police station, the notary’s office, the court or anywhere you require with an interpreter specialized in the judicial field with sound knowledge, experience and specific training in judicial documents. Furthermore, if you require the services of a sworn interpreter, count on us!

Face to face

We will attend your request personally in our office, where you can meet us and tell us exactly what you need and for when.

Remote service

¡Ah! And if you prefer to save yourself the trip, no problem, we can deal with your request otherwise. We can handle it all ONLINE, by digital signature, or we will send you the translations whichever way you prefer. Just ask us!

I’m interested in a translation. What must I do?

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Send the document indicating the language

Send a copy to
indicating the language of the translation

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Price and delivery term

During office hours we will send you a quote with the delivery term


We will send you the translation by email or by post

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